Puppies are born 30.10.2013

The D’s are in the world. Six girls, two boys. DSCF2877Batseba is the mother of this litter. DiePixelschieber_klein_01The puppies grow with us directly in the family. From the end of December the puppies can be picked up. A wunderful live relationship can begin. It is our desire to accompany them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any father informations. Look forward to a puppy from us. We are certainly looking forward to you.BeleBekommt`nKussBuying a dog is a matter of trust!

A warm welcome


Airedale on our side- look, you’ll see and inspire you for this great race. Ask us. We are avid Airedale people recognized breeder

of (FCI) and the ( VDH) Terrier Club.

Did you know, that the Airedale Terrier is the largest in England and hence are colled ” KING OF THE TERRIERS”.


The Kings of the Terriers. Even U.S. President WARREN HARDING had an Airedale ” LADDIE BOY“.

As breeder we begin to wtite our history.

The puppies from Batseba are born at the 30.10.2013 Our – litter D 6 girls and two boys.DSCF2946

All puppies from Gundula

The first litter of ten puppies, our A- litter, is 4  years. Our B-litter of eight puppies is 2 year.  Our C – litter of seven puppies is one year. and All dogs children enjoying perfect health and be loved by their families. Sporting success is also set. Two dogs of A litter passed her exame as ” Begleithund” and Apollo passed the exame as “Schutzhund”. The scions of or stud dogs in the Kennel ” Dornheide” are 5 years and two of them passed a special exame.

We breed Airedales because we lave them.

……….C U R I O S ………?

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We don’t have puppies every year. But if all goes well we expect in the End of Oktober PUPPIES from our great Batseba.

Look forward of a puppie from us !

We look forward t o y o u quite sure.

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for example

22.10. Breederportrait published

15.10 just married

Just married the mating day

Gingerdream "All around is chaos"

We turned to one of the most advanced hormone tests and so the best date was found promptly, even without our dear Moses. So we drove on 14.10. to Katovice and at the  15.10. was the marriage of the elected. Every thing was verry friendly and uncomplicated.

Later we watches one of the oldest towns in Slesia- Pszczyna, with its neo Broque buildings.  A Philipp Telemann city with a gent park. The sun lies the magnificant play of colors of autumn in fullest beauty shine.

A pleasant end on the day at the Castl Coffee ” Telemann” spoiled palate and sences.